the messenger bag

by haley sherif

I love bags. Since I was little my mom’s called me a bag lady because I constantly had at least one usually two or three bags strapped along my arms as I marched around the city. Though I’m no longer a kid my love for bags is still very much present. However, I’ve definitely advanced from the plastic princess tote I loved, but that adoration for something great, that makes a statement, and that can carry everything I need (now more along the lines of my blackberry, wallet etc. and not plastic figurines).

Kelly Rutherford loves hers!

I’ve always been a fan of the messenger bag and I think it’s coming back in a huge way this season! Recently Hermes’s cross-satchel Evelyn H bag, (Kelly Rutherford is a fan), was named the new Birkin by the NY Times. From J.Crew to Hermes there’s lots of popularity with the messenger bags. I’m loving the look of a pop of color one, like a neon green or a deep red against a little black dress or mixed and matched with a patterned blouse and jeans. It’s the perfect transitional item from the end of winter to spring and with so many options there’s one for everyone. Here are two of my favorite messengers!

Here’s to a great bag, xo

J.Crew’s Edie purse in Italian calf hair ($448)

Cambridge Satchel Company’s “The Classic”

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