a favorite scent

by haley sherif

We all have a scent we love. Whether it be the same perfume our mother’s used or a favorite flower perfume is yet another layer to our over all look. I put a lot of importance into the specific scent I use and in fact, it was a bit of a secret until now. I’ve used the same¬†Calypso¬†Violette perfume for years now. I believe it’s discontinued and dread the day that it will run out.


I received it for Christmas one year and have never looked back. I take it with me around the world, wear it from Colorado to Cabo, and have made it so it’s an essential part of the dinner routine. I tend to spritz a bit only for dinner, usually using a mix of moisturizers for a low key daytime scent. But, in the evenings it’s the last thing I do before I leave the house. In short, it’s a scent that I love and that reminds me of home wherever I am. Below find a few similar scents, xo.

LAVANDE eau de toilette

VANILLE eau de toilette

BELLINI eau de toilette

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