Haley interviews Kelly Bensimon

by haley sherif

Kelly Killoren Bensimon believes in the American dream. She is a noted author, influential editor, former model, and tastemaker. Kelly appeared on the hit series, Real Housewives of New York. She is currently Guest Editor for Avenue magazine and is a regular contributor to Hamptons, Gotham, and am New York. Her fourth book, in addition to The Spirit of the Hamptons, American Style, and The Bikini Book, I CAN MAKE YOU HOT came out last week. Kelly has two beautiful daughters and splits her time with them between New York and East Hampton. She dishes to us on favorite accessories, her latest book, and recent trip to Haiti.

HS: How would you describe your style?

KKB: All American sexy.

HS: What is your daily look like?

KKB: Trendy and rooted in tradition.

(with Irion)


HS: What are a few of your favorite accessories?

KKB: My gold Rolex, Helen Ficalora pinky ring, and La Soula champagne diamonds.

HS: How do you dress for success?

KKB: A black Rogan suit.

HS: What is your beauty and hair routine like?

KKB: Loreal mascara and Bradley Irion styled hair.

HS: What are your summer staples?

KKB: Capri flip flops, riding pants, polo shirts, riding boots, floral dresses, Persol sunglasses, and Le Tarte bikinis.

HS: What inspired you to write “I CAN MAKE YOU HOT“?

KKB: The fans of RHONY were always asking me about my style and the way I eat, exercise, and live, so I decided to write all of my mistakes and solutions.

HS: What is the process of writing like for you?

KKB: This is my fourth book, and the process is similar. You start writing with one intention and since its organic it inevitably ends up something else.

HS: What is your favorite recipe in the book?

KKB: Katherine Hepburn brownies.

HS: What do you think is your most important advice in your book?

KKB: Take leaps of faith and never regret any mistakes.

HS: How do you maintain a healthy lifestyle and how do you instill that in your girls?

KKB: I eat well 6 days a week, and on the 7th my girls and I enjoy our fun family recipes.

HS: What values are important to you as a woman and a mother?

KKB: Integrity, education, and accountability mean a lot to me.

HS: What was visiting Haiti like for you?

KKB: Visiting Haiti with my daughter and seeing the wells my efforts built was incredible for us. but seeing people in desperate situations and still smiling is what made the most impact on us. I admire the integrity of the haitians so much.

HS: Why is charity work, like the work you do with Generosity Water, important to you?

KKB: I’ve always worked for charities all my life. giving back is in my DNA. Even when I had no money to give, I’ve always given my time.

HS: Talk a bit about the work you do with Open Sky?

KKB: Open sky is an incredible onlineshop where I can promote style and fashion from my friend’s work for a price that is affordable.

HS: What is your secret to juggling it all?

KKB: Always remember the American dream is work to live, not the opposite. Everyone can give their time to charity. You dont have to have money to have empathy for others in need.

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