Haley’s Saturday

I couldn’t wait for the weekend to start. Now that it has I’m full force taking free time and relaxing to a new level. I decided to set the weekend with an early morning Soul Cycle class and a fresh blowout from Valery Joseph. Though I wanted lots of downtime this weekend, nothing is more relaxing the dedicating a morning to makeup. I hit Barney’s counters for some new NARS eyeshadows and some other must haves I’ll share this week.


I knew I would be out, but not until later, so I decided to take a walk, running small errands, doing some window shopping, and stopping for some coffee. I’ve been lusting over the orange Manolo’s so I went to purchase a pair to add to the summer shoe collection. No day would be complete without some one on one time with a close girlfriend, so tonight’s girls night out.

I purchased a fun pair of coral J.Brand’s last weekend, but I can’t decide wether to wear those with a tank, sweater, and sandals, or instead dress up a bit with a white jean and blazer look. Whatever I decide I know it’ll be a delicious dinner with fun conversation, xo.