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Haley goes to the West Village

Sam is the best dresser. She can make a pair of tights and shorts super cute and her blonde curls make the perfect accessory! I love having such fashionable friends! 

I love a Friday night out on the town. After a super long week nothing feels better than getting dressed casually and hanging out with a good friend. I haven’t seen my friend Sam since July, so it was super nice to spend all night with her (and the wee hours of this morning) catching up and celebrating her birthday. I took her to the Village because when I’m in the mood to eat good food my favorite picks are all located down there. One of my all time favorite restaurants is Cornelia Street Cafe located on (where else) Cornelia Street. It has the most delicious burgers and goat cheese salad and at least five times a night there’s jazz playing from their jazz club downstairs. For a cold, blustery night like last it’s the ideal setting for an intimate and warm meal. Though I have to take three trains to get there it’s always worth it.

For the evening I decided to sport my classic AG jeans, a new Joie tank I recently purchased (shown above) that’s super silky with an adorable pattern, my white long sleeve knit from Theory, and my Dolce Vita booties. I threw on my classic Barbour jacket for warmth and a various number of bangles to complete the whole look. I love a good arm of bangles, for their perfect eye candy and are a great addition to make an otherwise casual outfit pop. I decided to mix and match a set of pink and orange bangles from Roberto Freeman, with three connected silver bangles I got for my birthday a few years back, and a bigger bangle that my mom lent me – voila!

bangles are a major star trend, so take a cue from the celebs and pile ‘em high! 

Sam is just too cute! I wish she lived in New York – so stylish.

Already tonight is shaping up to be just as blustery, if not more so, than last night so I’ll make sure to bundle up in whatever I decide to wear. I haven’t thought much about it and didn’t even feel like leaving the house tonight except that my mom wanted to grab some sushi on the West Side. Maybe I’ll fashion my new brown AG’s with a blouse and a thick knit.

Have a warm and fashionable night xx fashion dish

Haley’s Friday night out

One of my favorite parts about each new season is pulling out all my old gems. Even though I was beyond exhausted last night my mom really wanted to go out to dinner with me, so I knew I would have to pull myself together. I decided to toss on sheer tights, an brown Phillip Lim 3.1 dress, my leather jacket, my YSL clutch, and my brand new Tory Burch pumps.

This was shot in my mom’s walk in closet by the way.

It was the perfect fall outfit, though I was a little bit chilly since of the excessive winter winds. I haven’t worn my Lim dress since last season and it’s always a conversation piece with its petal neckline. We went to Sushi of Garhi and I love a good sushi dinner, so it was definitely worth going out to eat and I also, per usual, had fun dressing the part.


Keep your eyes peeled for part one of a very special interview tomorrow!


Haley’s Sunday

Though it is only the last week in October, today definitely felt like a winter day! It’s time to zip the fleece into your Barbour jacket and pile on the layers. Today was a very busy day, so I wanted to be extra comfortable for all the running around I did. I wore leggings, a brown and white striped Vince sweater, and Hunter boots. First, I made a quick stop for my usual Skinny Vanilla latte before making trips to two different Elis to prepare for my afternoon Halloween luncheon. I grabbed a ton of themed treats for the girls to nibble on as well as a spread of bagels, salmon, and baked goods. I also had to make sure to grab some apple cider, pumpkins, and gourds, (it just isn’t Halloween without them!).

After preparing the table for lunch I slipped into my red skinny AG’s. The luncheon went off without a hitch and everyone enjoyed the delicious food. I even watched part of the football game because a friend of mine wanted to and that never happens. Once I cleaned up I felt I needed a walk after indulging in so many goodies. I walked down to Barneys and ended up picking up something stunning, but I’m not writing about it until it gets here. I also snapped a picture of the window. In honor of Christian Louboutin’s anniversary there was the major display, (photographed below).

I say it every Sunday, but this weekend went by especially quickly. Tomorrow will definitely be a busy day with Halloween festivities, but I can’t wait to show you all what I am!


What are you all doing for Halloween?

Christmas in October

“Oh, the weather outside is frightful, but inside it’s so delightful…”

I’ve had Christmas music stuck in my head since I woke up this morning, glanced out the window, and saw snow! Crazy right. I couldn’t believe that we got snow so early, supposedly it hasn’t snowed in October in New York since World War II. Funny since this weekend I was supposed to put the finishing touches on my winter wardrobe.

While I ended up not going to Washington, I did manage to run out twice. On my first trip I decided to go for a quick polish change, (gray is definitely more appropriate for this weather!), and stopped off at Agnes b for a new pair of fingerless gloves. I’ve had what I call my “blackberry” gloves for three years now and unfortunately I noticed a huge hole in the thumb this morning. I love them because I can text without anything getting in the way, although my fingers do freeze a little bit! Also, they aren’t just super comfortable, but also super chic. They come both in long and short versions and in several different colors including red and brown.  I stuck with black because, well I’m a New Yorker and tend to stick with black a lot. Scrunch them up at the bottom and they look perfect with any outfit. A definite winter do!

I also made a quick stop tonight at Starbucks for some coffee, due to the snow I’ve worked the afternoon away inside. My vent still lets a breeze come through, so I’m also curled up on my desk chair in American Apparel leggings, socks, and a Patagonia fleece. While it may not be the most fabulous wear it is the warmest. Now, I’m looking forward to eating Serafina take out for dinner and indulging in the November issues.


Stay warm ladies xx fashion dish


credit – NY Times

Haley’s low key Friday

I love going out and dressing up more than anything, but sometimes I just relish in the feeling that comes with a moisturizer face, comfy wear, and my cozy bed. There is no place more relaxing than my room, dimming the lights, letting a small fall breeze escape from the cracked window, snuggling into my cashmere shrug, and catching up on some light magazine reading while sipping lime infused sparkling water. What a perfect picture. It is truly paradise.

While I did make a friendly visit to Jennifer Miller this afternoon, (look for a later blog on the to die for purchases I made), I also treated myself to my weekly mani and pedi! I went with a pink for my fingers and red for my toes. This weekend will be busy with a possible visit to Washington tomorrow morning, there’s tell of snow so we won’t decide until the early morning, lots of work, some fall shopping, and preparing for a mini luncheon I’m having with some friends Sunday afternoon, (Halloween infused all the way, as we’re trying on our costumes). For right now though I’ve sent my last email and finished some of my work, I think it’s time for some well deserved relaxation.

stay stylish xx fashion dish

my to do list

With the week coming to a close, (boy, was that a long one), I’m already thinking about all the errands and things I need to do this weekend. Though the cold is clearly fast approaching I’m still missing some important items for my winter wardrobe. This weekend it’s all about filling in the gaps. I present below my virtual to do list.


1. Purchase Tory Burch Stella Oxford Pumps (Restocked at Nordstrom what a relief!)

2. Over the knee boots

3. basic tees from James Pearse

4. Emerald teardrop earrings & swarovski crystal teardrop earrings from Jennifer Miller

5. thick sweaters

6. cashmere blanket for bed

7. Wolford tights


I’m convinced that though I’ll be in Washington on Saturday I’ll make it through a decent amount of my to dos this weekend – at least I hope so!


stylish dreams xx fashion dish


Haley visits bean town for the weekend

I just got back from a delicious dinner at the Ritz’s restaurant  in Boston. I’m here visiting Emerson and a few friends for the weekend and I’ve had the loveliest time. Tonight I sported my red AG jeans, a metallic sweater from Vince, and booties from Dolce Vita. I added a Yves St Laurent clutch for an extra special touch. The outfit was a great choice because the evening was cool and even though we were eating inside there was a definite chill in the air.

This afternoon I had the pleasure of visiting one of my favorite campuses, Emerson. I knew after last nights late arrival and a quick check of the weather that the afternoon would be chilly and rainy, so I decided to wear my little black dress, my booties, and my favorite Theodora and Callum scarf for some color. Because there was lots of sunshine this morning I also wore my aviators and carried my enormous Minkoff bag with all I needed for the day.

I had the nicest time meeting new friends, hearing from prospective professors, as well as seeing old friends and just having a break from New York. Tomorrow afternoon though it’s time to head back home and lots of work and late nights await me.

casual weekender on the loose

I think it might be due to the weather, but I’ve just be exhausted all weekend even though I did get to catch up with some sleep. Yesterday I spent the day running errands, getting a mani and pedi, (loving my new forest green nails and deep purple toes), grabbing dinner with the family, and doing some work. Today I woke up earlier, did a run for coffee, spent the morning writing a paper, the afternoon doing more work, and now getting ready for a night out for some sushi. While tonight is most likely the last warm night we’ll have for some time, the weather has been confusing fashion wise. While yesterday I sported leggings, flats, and a sweater, today I wore jeans, a light knit from Rag and Bone, and some heeled boots that I just received in the mail. I cannot believe how fast the day seems to go, how much I wanted to do. Hopefully tomorrow after spin and a hair appointment I’ll manage to get down to the West Village and do some winter shopping.

Tonight I’ll be wearing red skinny jeans, a Vince metallic light knit, beige heeled boots. I’m a total homebody on the weekends, I think I’m too exhausted from the week to go out much, but I give myself a free pass to do so, as long as I do so in style.


Indulge in a lazy Sunday, you deserve it!

xx fashion dish


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