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Zac Posen to Gotham Cover Celebration

When I’m determined to wear something I wear it even if that means working around the weather. Last night it rained all night, but I was more than determined to stick with the dress choice I had made earlier in the week. I was invited to the exclusive cover party for the April issue of Gotham Magazine and I knew I had to dress for success. Though I browsed through what seemed like racks of dresses before I found the one, when I came across the Z Spoke for Zac Posen number I knew it was meant to be.


I found it while doing some online window shopping, which I suggest when in need of inspiration, and came across the number at Scoop. When I made it to the store to try I fell head over heels for it right there. Though it was strapless, a style I usually don’t wear, I loved the detail above the bodice and the flower pattern was exactly appropriate for the occasion. It was an easy dress to wear with nude Louboutins and a YSL black clutch. Of course I accessorized with fun Chinchilla from Essie, but kept the jewels minimal allowing the pattern of the dress to speak for itself, xo.


Haley interviews Alexa Ray Joel (part two)

Alexa Ray Joel dishes on her favorite jewels, music, and more! Here’s part two of my interview.

HS: Do you have a favorite piece of jewelry? 
ARJ: It’s too hard to narrow it down to just one!! But, I do have three favorite pieces that I wear altogether sometimes. One is a black and silver choker-cross which I found myself, the other is a diamond-cross which I was lucky enough to receive from my beautiful Mother, (it sits a few inches below the first cross), and then the longest cross is a vintage silver and turquoise cross my amazing Father gave me recently.  (I guess they caught-on that I have a serious affinity for crosses!)  It’s nice because they’re all perfectly in alignment with one another, so they look good together, and three crosses makes such a statement even just with a t-shirt and jeans.  Plus, I feel like I always have both my Mom and Dad together close to my heart.

HS:  Have you always been interested in fashion?
ARJ: Not always!  Looking back a few years ago, I would say my style was pretty frumpy.  Or, I would just let whatever stylist I was working with take over and drown me in very expensive, designer looks, or very girly, trendy pieces.  Still, designer looks and trendy pieces are NOT inherently equivalent to great personal style.  And so, I never felt like myself until I really started cultivating my own personal looks, and styling myself.  Only over the past year or so have I really honed-in on fashion and developed my own personal aesthetic.  I love taking basic, solid-colored pieces and playing them up with layers or a dressy heel, or loads of jewelry.  A lot of people operate under the misconception that fashion is all about vanity and self-absorption, but I don’t see it that way.  I see it as a beautiful, innovative way to express oneself and to inspire others who take notice. A unique outfit or accessory is a great way to make an immediate impression and statement about one’s individual identity, creativity, and/or personality.  It’s like painting on a blank canvas because there is infinite freedom, and you can make it look however you like, but it always looks best when it reflects something personal and specialized about the individual.  I don’t believe that there are “rules” to fashion unless you want to be a fashion victim, I say, the sky is the limit!  Sometimes I’ll deliberately break the rules and wear two different colored socks with shoes, or wear two knee-socks together.  I’ll also tie loose fitted-tops or collard-shirts, (which aren’t meant to be wrinkled and knotted-up), because I love taking a basic top and making it more feminine. Knotting shirts also immediately makes it look more vintage, breaks up the look, and draws attention to the waist, which I love.  Lately, I’ve been wearing a lot of black and navy together, which has long been considered a fashion-faux pas.  Meanwhile, I think it looks so refined and elegant!  When you’re young, and you have a passion for fashion, why not play, right?

HS: Who are a few of your favorite designers?
ARJ: I’ve been wearing a lot from Sample Store these days. They have these beautiful, bohemian hand-made knits in gorgeous, vibrant mixtures of colors, which I’m really into right now.  I LOVE the sexy and timeless Azzedine Alaia, (check out the movie “The Grifters”- Angelica Houston looks impossibly sexy in all their fitted suits and blazers. The fit and style is immaculate and brings out a woman’s curves while still elongating and slimming the frame),  Vintage Helmut Lang is extremely chic for minimalist basics, Agent Provocateuris the hottest for lingerie, and nobody can beat Christian Louboutin for beautiful shoes!

HS: How has your style evolved?
ARJ: My style really didn’t have any, well, style, until I discovered vintage, AND started really paying attention to fashion on the streets of New York– the hipsters in the East Village, the young fashionistas in the West Village, etc.  Their look was so much more original, because most of them were mixing high-end with low-end fashion (with a hearty dose of vintage thrown in).  Mixing vintage pieces with contemporary designers really opened up the way I looked at fashion and, therefore, the way I dress myself.  I used to just wear all modern designer pieces from head-to-toe, when doing say, a red-carpet look, or wear all casual, low-end clothes altogether (like jeans, a shirt, and casual boots/sneakers) when going, say, out for lunch.  Now, I don’t quite feel myself unless I’m mixing high-end, low-end, and vintage altogether to creative one unique, multifaceted look for each day.  For example, I hosted a Superbowl-Sunday Party last week, and I wanted to look festive without being too dressed up, so I wore my favorite black American Apparel leg warmers I mentioned earlier (I call them my ‘Sporty Kneesocks!’), along with high black platforms, and a mesh-style Black Sample Dress with straps hitting below the shoulders, (very Marilyn Monroe), along with a thick black vintage-velvet belt to make it look a bit more sexy and fitted, topped with bunches of silver bangles loaded up on one arm.  That way, I’ve got a casual, ‘street’ element, the knee-socks/leg-warmers, to keep it young, the dress makes it somewhat dressy and feminine, the vintage belt defines the fit, and the silver accessories make it playful and funky.  I used to just think I had to put each item of clothing together to make an outfit that was perfectly cohesive, sensible, and ‘matching’. Now, I have so much more fun breaking it up by mixing high-end and low-end pieces together to tell a story and reveal more than one dimension of style; whereas before, I felt I had to creative an outfit that fit into just one of two looks: Dressy OR Casual.  Thanks goodness for the evolution of personal style.

HS: Let’s turn to a little bit about music! You have two very musically inclined parents, how did they influence you to become a singer?
ARJ: Well, growing up, both my Mom and Dad were always hamming it up around the house! They’re both natural-born entertainers, and so, of course, I was heavily influenced by them, since my parents always were and always will be my heros.  They were quite a ‘comedic duo’– constantly doing spot-on impersonations, duets, and harmonizing together on everything from Rogers & Hart, to The Beatles, to the latest pop-song on the radio.  No, naturally, I just joined in by default! We were big into musicals. I grew up on “Carousel”, “Guys & Dolls”, “My Fair Lady”, “Showboat”and my parents would take me to both the American and London Productions, so I quickly memorized all the music by heart.  We were constantly putting on shows and singing around the house. My Mom would video-tape me and Dad, I’d be singing songs from “The Sound of Music” and “I Will Always Love You” by Whitney Houston, and Dad, of course, would accompany me perfectly on piano.  Mom would dress me up as Ariel from The Little Mermaid, or Cosette from “Les Miserables”, and she’d just video-tape me singing and dancing, and Dad played for hours and hours on end.  We had so much fun!  And so, I came to realize that I had more fun singing with them than I did doing anything else and that’s when I made up my mind that I wanted to become a singer.  Personally, I think the key to life is finding that ONE thing you love to do, more than anything else, that one thing that you wake up in the morning thinking about.  And, for me, that one thing is music.

Tune in tomorrow for part three. You won’t want to miss it, xo

(first picture via Mia McDonald, second picture by Dan Katz)

Haley interviews Alexa Ray Joel (part one)

I’ve always wanted to interview a musician and I finally had my chance! But, Alexa Ray Joel, daughter of famed singer Billy Joel and iconic model Christie Brinkley, is so much cooler than any rockstar I could’ve envisioned. She’s the most down to earth celebrity I’ve ever met. Clearly passionate about all she does, she isn’t afraid to be herself and she does just that when it comes to her wardrobe, she loves American Apparel for knee socks, but Louboutin for shoes. In 2006 she released her first album Sketches. Ever since she’s been ever super popular on the music scene. Between her music career and featured column in J-14, I was thrilled she took the time to dish to me! I present part one of three of my interview with Alexa. She talks fashion (of course), favorite looks, and more!

HS: How would you describe your style in three words?
ARJ: Layered, Playful, BLACK!!!

HS: What is your go-to outfit?
ARJ: My go-to-outfit, (for this season), includes tight black leggings, my favorite, fitted black leg-warmers from American Apparel with two thick white-stripes high on the leg, (they look hotter when they go all the way up the leg, like knee-socks, so I pull them up high), black platform Louboutin Mary-Janes, a long, black, Vintage Helmut Lang shirt/dress, (which can show the shoulders or fall evenly as a V-Neck – it can also be worn with a belt to dress it up – I LOVE dresses that are flexible in how they can be worn, but still have a tight fit), a long, sheer-material Martin Margella black wrap, a large, dark grey knitted wrap from Sample Store, and black fingerless gloves from Rugby, (mine got all torn and ripped up, so I’m trying to rock the Madonna Look and they look edgier that way, so I actually like it). I accessorize with my black & white skull-print Alexander McQueen scarf, my black Pirite Crushed Diamond Studded-Earrings, (from Sample Store), my Victorian-Amethyst Cross Choker, and a few silver and gold bangle-bracelettes mixed in with my silver watch on one arm.

Alexa with her mom Christie Brinkley

HS: What accessory can you not live without?
ARJ: High-Heels & High Platforms. Fashion has no pain if you really love it!!

HS: What has been your favorite Red-Carpet Look? 
ARJ: I loved my look for the Tony’s last year.  It was very ‘femme-fatale’, and it was a truly seductive, Old Hollywood Look.  I wore a tight, strapless, black Dolce & Gabbana Gown with a heart-shaped corset-fit on top, and a floor-length train on the bottom,  along with a black and grey, (with grey shimmering detail), and a Loro Piana Shawl.  My hair was wrapped-up in a high-bun, and I had very minimal jewelry, (just simple black chandelier earrings, if I recall).  I was wearing high black Louboutin stiletto heels, but you couldn’t see them because the gown was so long.  (Being only 5’2”, I love dressing in long skirts and dresses that cover my feet, with high heels or platforms underneath– it elongates the frame and effectively fakes the ‘tall’ look– I love tricking people into thinking I’m tall!)

Alex looks gorgeous in Dolce & Gabbana at last years Tonys

HS: What are your wardrobe staples?
ARJ: I LOVE fitted, black and/or white ‘Spanx’ tank-tops…  I can’t ever seem to get enough of them!  I wear them underneath all my T-Shirts and Sweaters.  They’re very comfortable, while still pulling in the waist and tummy– sucking everything in, so whatever you wear on top over it looks even better than it would normally.  I always love having tons of long wraps on-hand, because it’s fun to play and layer them over one another… I tend to stick with black and grey wraps, because they always go well with my other black staples.  I was lucky enough to find a HUGE, vintage, dark-brown leather Prada Bag at a really cool consignment store called “Revival” (in Oyster Bay, Centre Island) recently, which I’ve become addicted to and wear almost every day, because I can actually stuff almost anything into it, and it still stays flat and looks very elegant and classic!

HS: I love enormous bags too! Other must haves?

ARJ: I’m not a big jeans girl, so I’m always stocking up on black leggings, tights, and stockings… for tights and stockings, Wolford is the best!!  American Apparel has really fun high knee-socks, which I’m always a fan of… I try to get the different colors and patterns and just pair it against a basic black legging to mix up the look and make it more original.  I also regularly wear their jumpers [respectively, in solid black and grey]– they’re so comfortable, and look great with other minimalist, basic pieces.

Tune in tomorrow for part two! xo

this week in fashion news

I know I know I write it ever week, but this week was insane. It could be because I’ve been sick for a little over two weeks, but I’m in need of some major rest and relaxation! I’ve definitely appreciated the beautiful summer weather we’ve had in New York this week, I can do without my winter jacket and six layers. I’m excited for next week – it’s fashion week at last. My February calendar is madness,  this afternoon I’m off to Boston for 24 hours, next week there’s lots to cover for NYFW, in a few weeks I head to Miami with family, followed by a trip to MO to visit a friend, Valentines Day, lots of new features, and much more! However, I wouldn’t have it any other way. However, it’s time to take a mini break and break down this week in review.

here’s to a round up of this week in fashion news, xo 

1) Jason Wu for Target – because it’s totally the next Missoni for H&M.

2) floral footwear – because it feels like spring, it looks like spring, so its time to shop for spring

Nicholas Kirkwood (nordstrom)

Peter Pilotto (Opening Ceremony)

3) Bon anniversaire, Christian Louboutin! Celebrate with some on trend red sole

window decor in celebration

4) Marni for H&M – I love these collaborations, but I love this one the most.  Jason Wu, Missoni, Marni, oh my!

Tune in next week for a new this week in fashion news!

Haley’s Sunday

Though it is only the last week in October, today definitely felt like a winter day! It’s time to zip the fleece into your Barbour jacket and pile on the layers. Today was a very busy day, so I wanted to be extra comfortable for all the running around I did. I wore leggings, a brown and white striped Vince sweater, and Hunter boots. First, I made a quick stop for my usual Skinny Vanilla latte before making trips to two different Elis to prepare for my afternoon Halloween luncheon. I grabbed a ton of themed treats for the girls to nibble on as well as a spread of bagels, salmon, and baked goods. I also had to make sure to grab some apple cider, pumpkins, and gourds, (it just isn’t Halloween without them!).

After preparing the table for lunch I slipped into my red skinny AG’s. The luncheon went off without a hitch and everyone enjoyed the delicious food. I even watched part of the football game because a friend of mine wanted to and that never happens. Once I cleaned up I felt I needed a walk after indulging in so many goodies. I walked down to Barneys and ended up picking up something stunning, but I’m not writing about it until it gets here. I also snapped a picture of the window. In honor of Christian Louboutin’s anniversary there was the major display, (photographed below).

I say it every Sunday, but this weekend went by especially quickly. Tomorrow will definitely be a busy day with Halloween festivities, but I can’t wait to show you all what I am!


What are you all doing for Halloween?


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