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my to do list

With the week coming to a close, (boy, was that a long one), I’m already thinking about all the errands and things I need to do this weekend. Though the cold is clearly fast approaching I’m still missing some important items for my winter wardrobe. This weekend it’s all about filling in the gaps. I present below my virtual to do list.


1. Purchase Tory Burch Stella Oxford Pumps (Restocked at Nordstrom what a relief!)

2. Over the knee boots

3. basic tees from James Pearse

4. Emerald teardrop earrings & swarovski crystal teardrop earrings from Jennifer Miller

5. thick sweaters

6. cashmere blanket for bed

7. Wolford tights


I’m convinced that though I’ll be in Washington on Saturday I’ll make it through a decent amount of my to dos this weekend – at least I hope so!


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Jennifer Miller’s Gems

I love jewelry. Sufficient to say my collection continues to grow monthly. While I love vintage jewels, (I’ve “borrowed” some major Chanel necklaces from mom), a bold earring I can never go without. That’s why I absolutely adore Jennifer Miller. There’s something so sexy about a toned down outfit, but a pop of color on the ear. Early in June I visited Jennifer Miller in Southampton and picked out some fantastic, casual Summer necklaces and earrings. I got a pair of stunning teardrop earrings, that I adore, and while browsing Miller’s site I realized so does everyone else! In fact, The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills love them too! I have yellow gold plating over a silver white opal, (the pair below), but the palate of colors to choose from is bananas!

Now that the seasons are a changing, I’m defiantly ready for a visit to the Lexington Avenue locationĀ I can’t wait to check out a red of a grey for fall, they would be a great addition to my collection.



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