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college students dress up


When I was on Emerson’s campus this weekend I realized I didn’t spot a single person in their sweat pants and a baggy tee. My friend mentioned to me that that was actually one of the reasons she loved going to Emerson so much. Everyone seemed to put the effort in to look stylish. Though Sex in the City may have run its course, Carrie never disappointed in her style, even when going to bed, let alone working at her desk or having lunch with friends. SITC might be fictional, but we could all use a little more style in our lives. Stop reserving those jeans for a night out on the town because how many times have you thought, “well I won’t run into anyone anyway…” And inevitably you always do. College students stepping up their fashion game is a heads up for everyone else. Everyday should be an excuse for dress up not just a nice night out.


The NY Times article titled On Campus, Taking Fashion Seriously said, “Whether students’ tastes run to an urbanely preppie composite of mannish shirts, slim skirts and blazers, flowered dresses and Ferragamo flats, or to a cutting-edge pastiche of long loose-fitting sweaters, calf-length skirts and platform booties, their absorption with fashion points to a sea change, suggesting that the style bar has been raised, reaching a level of sophistication all but unknown a mere decade ago.” It’s so true! Everyone wants to have the own style and while we should never let what we wear define us, we should always remember that how we look matters both on campus and off.

stay stylish always xx fashion dish

Haley visits bean town for the weekend

I just got back from a delicious dinner at the Ritz’s restaurant  in Boston. I’m here visiting Emerson and a few friends for the weekend and I’ve had the loveliest time. Tonight I sported my red AG jeans, a metallic sweater from Vince, and booties from Dolce Vita. I added a Yves St Laurent clutch for an extra special touch. The outfit was a great choice because the evening was cool and even though we were eating inside there was a definite chill in the air.

This afternoon I had the pleasure of visiting one of my favorite campuses, Emerson. I knew after last nights late arrival and a quick check of the weather that the afternoon would be chilly and rainy, so I decided to wear my little black dress, my booties, and my favorite Theodora and Callum scarf for some color. Because there was lots of sunshine this morning I also wore my aviators and carried my enormous Minkoff bag with all I needed for the day.

I had the nicest time meeting new friends, hearing from prospective professors, as well as seeing old friends and just having a break from New York. Tomorrow afternoon though it’s time to head back home and lots of work and late nights await me.


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