my beauty regime

This morning while getting my hair done my hairstylist complimented me on my skin, asking me what I used and why it looked so great. I on the other hand have not felt so great, in fact I’ve been sick on and off for two weeks, pulling late nights, and not sleeping very well. I feel dehydrated, swollen, and hot, (not the cute kind), all the time now. But, instead of looking up and responding, “thanks, but I feel disgusting”, I responded, “thanks so much, I use Kiehls”. This is something I learned to do from reading Allure editor, Linda Wells, letter to the editor this summer. She went on to say that she’s so used to combating the compliment, as if she didn’t deserve it, and instead answering with a “but”. Though this is what most of us women do, we never quite now how to master the art of a thanks, Wells set a challenge for herself that the next time a compliment came her way she’d respond with a hearty thanks and leave it at that. She’s on my mind not just because I love the magazine, but because I ran into her at dinner last night and she just has a personable allure (ha). So, all this to say here’s a look in to my beauty routine.

another a lot! it instantly makes you glow. a great smile is my beauty weapon!

Day time:

1. I start the morning washing my face with Kiehls Ultra Facial Cleanser

2. I then apply about an almond sized amount of Kiehls moisturizer.

3. Though in the past I’ve slacked at this I now make sure to always wear sunscreen, Kiehls of course.

4. Sometimes if I feel extra exhausted I do a few swipes of Laura Mercier mascara.

~If I go out or am attending an event, sometimes I use Mercier lip gloss too, I love a bold lip, but only sometimes. People are more apt to comment on it more when you don’t do it all the time.



5. For the evening I usually wash my face when I come home, then sometimes again before bed,

6. I slather on a ton of moisturizer this time. I don’t care! No one sees me when I sleep.

7. Eye cream is a have to especially as the days get colder and my skin gets dryer. Try the Avocado one from Kiehls. It smells delicious.

8. I also apply lots of body lotion, I love the smell and the feeling.

That’s it. I think I’m embarrassed to admit how little I actually do. Even tonight as I get ready for an event I only wear a small amount of mascara, I’m just not into makeup all that much.¬†Share your beauty secrets with me!

much love xx fashion dish