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my virtual holiday wish list


The holidays are upon us. More and more store windows I pass are filled to the brim with fancy windows, lots of lights, and fake snow. Of course Starbucks has debuted there famous holiday cups already and there’s tons of talk of turkeys and break. My favorite part of the holidays is picking out presents for all my friends and family, (every year that list seems somehow to get longer), so though it’s sometimes rushed and chaotic I absolutely love picking out special things for everyone I love. Though it’s never about the actual present (though it’s nice) it’s always about the thought.

I’ve celebrated Christmas in Colorado since I could remember. We have a tree, cookies and milk, and sit around watching The Christmas Story (countless times). As tradition goes often we wake up early, put the log with Christmas music on the tv, and we sit down to open up our presents. We all pick out several things we have saved up for over the year and take our time enjoying all the little moments from reading the tag on the box that says from santa to taking countless pictures.

Here are some of the items on my list this year. Some of them are definitely lusts not musts, but it’s the holidays we can dream!

1. Mulberry oversized Alexa

2. Hermes “H” bracelet

have a very merry afternoon xx fashion dish

The hottest bag this season


I’m all about both a chic and a functional bag. While I love a cute clutch for a night out, since I spend the majority of my week running from meeting to event to dinner, a big enough bag to carry everything is a must. I have a huge Cynthia Vincent tote that I use on a day to day basis, but I also have a Rebeca Minkoff purse that I usually travel with and tend to use on the weekends. However, this season I want to switch it up and make an investment. I’m loving the Mulberry bag. Ever since I saw SJP use it in I Don’t Know How She Does It, I’ve been obsessed. The Alexa satchel from Mulberry in Oak Soft Buffalo is so ma-jor and it’s also oversize so I can store everything I need throughout the day. I’m determined to own it, so I think it’ll be an early early Christmas present. Who says Christmas can’t come in October!




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