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cozy on into a pullover

It officially feels like winter ladies. Goodbye loose knits and colorful sandals, for it’s time to relish in the comforts of puffiness, fleece, and all around comfiness. Who doesn’t like that! I spent all of yesterday (beginning at the bright and early time of 6:30 am) going to, around, and from Boston. I spent 10 plus hours on transit pulling my chilly fingers under my not warm enough Barbour jacket! It was cold.┬áIt’s true when they call it the windy city after all, but at least I was fashionably prepared to be comfortable and warm enough for the majority of the trip. I fashioned by beige J Brands, my Joie tank under a Theory knit, my brown Frye boots, and of course my enormous Tom Ford sunnies. I flew into bed as soon as I was home, for I knew come Saturday morning I’d be up again busy as a bee.

Today I attended a very special TedxYouth conference filled with spectacular, eloquent speakers. I just decided to be comfortable so I wore my blue AG’s, a great green and brown striped Vince knit, and my brown Fryes. After the conference I wandered into J.Crew not expecting anything, but low and behold I fell in love! I would own every cashmere knit, patterned pant, and statement necklace from there if I could. I can’t wait to write about the winter staples I picked up as soon as I wear them.

I decided it would be fun to check out basics at the Gap, but on my way I noticed the new Upper East Side Patagonia opened. I had to run inside. I love a good fleece. I throw mine on while running errands, heading to the gym, or while hanging out in my room. I’ve had a good black one for years, but it’s old and I’ve been wanting a new one for quite some time now. I decided to check out the men’s patterns because I liked their pullover options more. I discovered the cutest tan and brown fleece! Not only does the extra small fit me perfectly, but I’m sitting nice and cozy (and warm) in it now! It’s definitely the perfect staple to my winter wardrobe especially for the week I spend in Colorado. Whether I pair it with a cute skinny jean or my black leggings I know it’ll be a chic way to stay warm.

Stay stylishly cozy and warm ladies xx fashion dish

what a climb

I was so excited to tell you about my day yesterday, but I was (fashionably) exhausted. I started my Sunday morning with a soy latte from Starbucks and some work. For lunch I joined a few friends in the West Village for a delicious meat, cheese, and salad spread. Afterwards I headed to Park Slope to climb! This was by far the best part of my weekend.


One of my worst fears is rock climbing, but one of my friend just loves it, so I was finally convinced to try it out. It was amazing! What a workout. My arms hurt so much this morning, but I’m already excited to do it again next weekend. Since getting more active this week I’ve written about active wear, but today I wanted to concentrate on personal style. I saw some great outfits yesterday which just goes to prove nothing can stop your style.

Such a cute and comfortable tee from ONLY NY!

I fashioned a pair of American Apparel leggings, an ONLY NY tee, a Patagonia long sleeve shift, and my pink and black Nike sneakers (which I changed to rock climbing shoes as soon as I arrived). I saw lots of leggings and tees, but everyone looked very stylish and ready to climb.

Today is full of meetings, more coffees (double-shot please), and tonight a skating party! I’ll share all the deets tomorrow.

have a stylish Monday xx fashion dish


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