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a color that makes the difference

Since neons are so in this season it’s no shock to hear all about color, but since last weekend I’ve been thinking of a slightly different color, that is hair color. Though I do admit to thinking it a bit vain when a girl can’t leave the house without the perfect do, I realized recently how important it is to me to always have nice hair. While some can’t stand a chipped nail I absolutely and positively can’t deal with messy and dirty hair.

Both Jen and Reese know that the key to a flawless look is the perfect do

Since dyeing my hair I’ve not only grown to appreciate my hair more, but I’ve also become much more confident in the way I look. I feel like I stand up straighter, look people in the eye more, and am generally just happier when throwing makeup on or looking in the mirror while brushing my teeth.

I went out to dinner with a girlfriend last night at the Spice Market, which is a delicious restaurant, and admitted to loving the weeks where I got to dress up and go out. Though I’d gotten dressed casually I decided to switch leggings for tights with a blue dress from Scoop, add booties, and a tailored white blazer from Theory.  She proclaimed “dressing up is just more fun!”

I couldn’t agree more. Fashion is all about tailoring the clothes for your unique look and the same should apply for your hair and personality. Sometimes it’s the little things in life that make all the difference, going from brunette to blonde was a turning point for me, and there just might be a smudge of truth to the popular saying, blondes do have more fun, xo.

short and sweet

I love a cute mini dress! I don’t like anything too revealing, but a little skin never killed anyone. I’m obsessed with a navy blue dress from Scoop I purchased last summer and while I’ve worn it throughout the winter with tights, a knit, and boots I couldn’t wait to debut it in the warmer weather. Last night was the perfect chance.

To get my look start with a mini dress that’s one color, pick one with interesting detailing like Calypso’s Tilly Dupioni Dress

I decided to wear the dress, with some detailing at the neck, with black sandals and fun accessories. Though the look had a darker color palette to it I balanced it out with colorful bracelets. It’s been chilly in the evenings in Cabo, so I’ve been carrying my Theory white knit everywhere.

Next, add a sandal, I choose black, but these silver Calypso sandals work well too

Though it’s not a cardigan it’s a fun length, longer in the back and shorter in the front, and made from the ideal material, not too warm, but ideal for a summer breeze.  This look is a favorite, but I can’t wait to showcase one last Mexico look tonight! It’s another beautiful day in paradise and I can’t wait to spend it by the pool, catching up on a new issue of Bazaar, xo

Lastly, add some colorful, fun accessories, like this statement necklace from Calypso and you’re done!

tickle me pink

I decided to be more daring than my usual self when it came to my weekly manicure this afternoon. Instead of settling with the same old grayish green I’ve been wearing all winter I decided to brighten things up by choosing a deep mauve color for my toes and a bubblegum pink for my fingers. When I say pink I mean screaming you can’t miss it pink and I have to say I’m loving it. Maybe it has something to do with the gorgeous weather or maybe the prospect of vacation in two very short days is enough to make me break out of my color comfort zone, but I’m feeling daring and I hope it doesn’t stop.

I can’t get enough of this weather and I’m celebrating all Spring already has to offer by dinners with friends as many nights as I can. Sometimes I let work overwhelm me, and I think it’s a common theme with all of us women we always do as much as we can as long as we can, but last night I had a well deserved dinner at New York hotspot Mezzaluna.

Still obsessed with my YSL clutch, it’s the ultimate addition to any evening look.

It’s fantastic Italian and though everyone was vying for a table outside I was happy to be out with good food and friends. I wore the pink polish will be my main accessory tonight and added some edge with grey booties, a short navy blue dress by Scoop, and my new white Theory blazer.

Here’s to much more delicious food and fantastic friends to come, xo


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